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Available in species for interior or exterior use


Post Species choice – Design Factors to consider when specifying-

  • Grade- visual grade or structural rating or both.
  • Durability- above ground (a/g) and or in ground (i/g). see- design guide 05
  • Stability – normally the lower the radial shrinkage, the lower the propensity to twist and crack.
  • Moisture content required(m.c.) will depend on the purpose/ use.
  • Acclimatizing coatings- penetrants and end sealers. We stock Spescoat deep treat and True Blue log end sealer.
  • Time of year of installation for best result
  • The most stable maximum size we recommended for posts is 150x150.
  • Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta is a non hazardous ‘creosote alternative’ that provides a tough bitumen coating to improve protection against moisture and deterioration on timber and masonry surfaces. … Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta is perfect for things such as: Fences, veranda posts and sleepers.

Current stock of solid posts below. – longer lengths and larger sections are sometimes available.

Kwila (merbau) BAL 29 fire rated. Termite resistant, Durability class 1. a/g Zone B, class 2. i/g Zone C- Free of heart centre, Solid dressed, pencil round edge,  select grade 100x100 2.1, 2.4, 3.0 3.9 4.2 and 5.1m 120x120 3.0m 3.6 and 4.2m 150x150 2.4 3.0 3.6 and 4.8m. 200x200 is currently 7-10 working days from order.

Native white cypress- BAL 12.5 fire rated, termite resistant, durability class 1. a/g Zone B, class 2. i/g Zone C , boxed heart, sawn, unseasoned  100x100 125x125 and 150x150 generally 2.4m 3.0m and 3.6m- up to 5.4 on request. Dressed posts 90x90 115x115 140x140 up to 5.4m. Sawn 200x200 is available on request.

PNG rosewood- 100x100 sawn- 90x90 finish for furniture. Small quantities of 125x125 and 150x150.

Jarrah- 150x150 sawn  free of heart, seasoned 6 years 35/1.8m – suitable for furniture, posts, staircase newel posts. unseasoned 150x150 sawn free of heart 11/1.8m.

Ironbark , spotted gum and blackbutt are generally not stocked -due to instability- and are not available seasoned. Lead time is normally 8 weeks from order.

SPECIALS- 115x115 fully seasoned PNG TAUN hardwood -select grade 12/2.4m $120 per post for minimum of 4 posts. (class 2. above ground durability- not durability rated for in- ground use) 150x150 unseasoned sawn Jarrah 1.8m $100 per post.




PNG rosewood

Native white cypress

Jarrah- seasoned 6 years

Jarrah- unseasoned sawn

Merbau 200x200

Sawn white cypress

Taun 115x115