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Solid and laminated hardwood timber

Timber stairs, stringers and balustrades’ for internal or external use.


285x42 Kwila

NG Rosewood

300x65 Kwila

270x65 Kwila

Merbau, Cypress and Jarrah

Species available from us are:

Merbau or kwila-

  • Up to 270x60mm available in 2 piece lamination
  • Up to 330x65mm in 3 piece custom lamination
  • up to 290x45 DPR solid
  • up to 280x60 solid (limited seasoned stock available)
  • Merbau is a superior substitute for spotted gum and ironbark, in our climate.

Please supply your specifications for a quote.

Merbau treads 240x42  and 250x47 (gauged)

N.G. Rosewood

  • Solid up to 290x42
  • Wider and thicker in 2 or 3 piece custom lamination
  • Some thicker tread stock may be available for 60-65mm thick finish- laminated 2 piece.
  • Rosewood is a superior substitute for blackbutt in our climate.

Other species are available, but due to the properties of these species, and problems associated we recommend a master craftsman like Gray Hawk from Hawk Designs to take on such commissions.

Laminated Vic ash treads, handrail components and stainless steel accessories available at Solid vic ash or Tas-oak is not available in seasoned solid (from anyone we know) and is too unstable to use in our experience.