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Contact us

104 O’Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale 5160

For all enquiries please speak to Matt.

Office – (08) 8326 3534. Alternate Office line – (08) 8326 3539

Matt Liemareff – 0402 299 757 email –

Rod Taverner – 0411 314 245 email –

Justin Daws – 0430 365 305 email –

Retail Business Hours

MONDAY TO THURSDAY  9:00 am – 4:30 pm

FRIDAY 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

DESPATCH – Orders required for delivery or collection outside retail hours must be booked in advance.

Durable Hardwoods –  Supplying timber to specification

Feel free to call for general advice, and please email us a photo of what you want to achieve so we can meet or exceed your expectations.

Established in 1998, Durable Hardwoods is a South Australian family owned and operated business. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the building industry and timber supply. We offer comprehensive solid timber knowledge, and supply various species from over 40 timber mills. Justin is certified in Hardwood grading and kiln drying to Australian Standards, and has completed over 5000 hours machining of timber for our clients.

It is our view that an ecological choice of timber product is one that has a lifespan that equals, or exceeds, the life of the least durable structural component of your project.

Our policy:

  • We supply timber that is appropriate for the intended use. To do this we need to know what the timber is being used for, your prior experience with the timber and its installation, and you or your clients expectations.
  • We do not have price lists because our timber is generally not a commodity available from hardware stores or common timber merchants. We price by job- lot, by quality, quantity and to specification.
  • We do not say something is not available, just because we do not stock it.  If it is not available to our knowledge or cannot source it affordably, we will try to direct you to another merchant who might.
  • We try to sell Australian timber from Australian mills as much as possible, where appropriate. Sometimes Australian hardwoods are not suitable for some applications. Feel free to call us for general advice.
  • We encourage our clients to inspect the actual timber that will be supplied, because we stock it (in most cases). Inspection of orders is encouraged and welcome before final payment.