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Specifying, estimating and hardwood professionals

To avoid supply and quality problems please take the time to review your specified requirements. Doing this will save yourself a lot of aggravation, disappointment and delays. A useful website for your estimating/ specifying- Please research your Architect, builder or carpenter well. Actually visit their prior work. Photos of their projects on completion may not show the later problems associated with poor installation, inappropriate timber species or timber supplier choice.

Requirements to give suppliers to enable quality timber supply that meets your expectation, specification and time frame-

1. Timber stress grade or structural grading. E.g. f7 for cypress, f14 to f27 for quality structural hardwood.

2.     Moisture content of hardwood will affect the structural grade of supply. Typical example is structural no. 1 f17 graded sawn unseasoned ironbark can dry to an f27 grade. however structural no. 4. F8 can dry to f14. So request- seasoned or k/d to Australian Standard 15-18% M.C. or 10-12%M.C. IF REQUIRED. Or unseasoned GOS.

3. The appearance grade if required- standard, select or utility grade (almost all other names are made up for marketing and advertising) also you may need specifics of the timber section finish. (reeded, sawn- face, DAR dressed all round, DPR dressed pencil round, PAR planed all round )

4.        Durability (class 1-2 or 3 above-ground a/g and or in-ground a/g.)- varies depending on the locations and zones tested in Australia. Some species a can be class 1. i some zones and class 2-3. in other zones. The specimen sample sizes used for durability testing are quite small- see below. Obviously the service life improves as the section size of timber increases. 

Image result for durability rating of timber

5.       Marine  borer and termite resistance.

6.       Timber acclimatizing coatings.

 7.       Fire resistance. BAL Bushfire attack level rating.

8.         Timber availability and lead times. Find this out before you specify. Everyone wants things finished by Christmas, but doesn’t want to order until December. Order 2-3 months in advance to secure the timber so you are not left waiting.

Please note- Standard lengths available are generally 300mm increments. Long lengths are more expensive in hardwood , so you may get caught out, if you ask for a lineal meter price. Hardwood Lead times can be up to 6-12 weeks for some sections and species. Ensure you order more than you need (usually 5-10% if buying a good grade) as 90% of the time you will not find the extra material locally.

Once ALL the details from your clients specification are presented to a supplier, you will have a better chance of being supplied timber that is not going to fail, and will be easier to install. Incorrectly specifying /estimating jobs can cost you, your company or your client tens of $1000s , sometime resulting in full replacement of all timber- at your cost.

WARNING-. When litigation occurs, Certified timber graders are employed. They refer to the GRADE AND SPECIFICS ON YOUR INVOICE from the suppliers to re- grade using the Australian Standards. unless you can prove through emails or other correspondence with the supplier that the timber is being used for something specific (e.g decking) and you do not have the grade and specifics on the invoice, you have no rights. If your supplier has been informed in writing that the timber is for something in particular, they may be obliged to re-supply a ‘fit for purpose’ product or refund your money. ‘Products must be fit for the purpose the business told you it would be fit for and for any purpose that you made known to the business before purchasing’

We recommend the following hardwood professionals-

Certified structural and visual timber grading- Peter Llewellyn 0417 885 023.
For timber grading and written report.
Timber Consulting Pty Ltd Director.

Species Identification- Myron Cause M.Sc. B.Sc. FIWSc.
Consultant Wood Scientist
P.O. Box 216 JIMBOOMBA QLD AUSTRALIA  4280 Ph Mobile 0409 483646

ICE architects
ICE architects are an Adelaide based company engaged in residential and commercial design. We work on a range of projects from balconies and decks to housing and commercial projects . The same level of care and professionalism is applied to all jobs. Our high quality design and documentation allows us to consistently produce buildings within site, budget and time constraints.”
Adelaide Office 7123 8814
Simon Grist 0413 389 383

Hosking Willis Architecture– Luke Willis- experience covers a broad range of project types, including public and private residential, state and local government, commercial, industrial and education projects. He also has a particular interest and expertise in design that embraces sustainable design initiatives and sensitive environmental sites.

Hawk Design    For bespoke furniture and  crafted timber work- internal and external. 0411421713.

Bridgman Carpentry Construction– Chris- 0430 546 208

Hugh Griffith -0416 209 466 -30 years experience in passive home design and construction.

Scott Norton of Norton carpentry 0423 651 289

Dave Myatt Construction 0409 69 5616

Justin Sheppard of JTS Carpentry and Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens 0437658850

Please research your Architect, Builder or carpenter well. Actually visit their works. Photos of their projects on completion may not show the later problems associated with poor installation, inappropriate timber species or timber supplier choice.