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I have found that Justin Daws from Durable Hardwoods consistently offers impartial, thoughtful , knowledgeable advice about timber selection, use and availability. When requested he backs this up with specific construction advice that is music to the ears of a busy architect. 

Simon Grist

ICE Architects

The process and preparation Durable Hardwoods delivered was first class.  We received seamless service from order to delivery and was on time, every time, which has made the experience so worthwhile.

Lyn Heard

I have been in the building industry for 15 years and can honestly say that the service i get from durable hardwoods is one of the best In Adelaide. Their rosewood is the best in adelaide and is treated like there own baby.

I have even phoned through orders and received the goods that day on the other side of the city and in our industry that is hard to come by. Their passion for timber is exactly what we need in our industry.

Chris Bridgman

I have been using Durable Hardwoods for over 5 years now. The timber is always top quality as is their advice and knowledge. They’d rather not make a sale than sell timber that’s not suitable for the end use. Their Rosewood is some of the nicest, straightest, easy to work with timber I’ve used in over 20 years as a carpenter and it always looks great.

Justin Shepherd

Outstanding service and advice. The highest quality timber. Looking forward to our next timber project with Durable Hardwoods!

Tom Davidson

Excellent service great advice and best quality timber you will find anywhere, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality timber.

Meagan Mawet