We have supplied fit for purpose timber to the following (and may other) nature play sites-

Climbing Tree Creations- Morialta National Park

Adelaide Innovating Landscaping- Nido Early Learning Centre- Huntfield Heights

Trendscape- Nido Early Learning Centre- Noarlunga

Summit Landscaping- 

  • Moonta Kindergarten
  • Riverview Preschool Salisbury
  • Mt Barker South Primary School
  • DECD Salisbury Park Kindergarten
  • Renmark Children’s Centre
  • DECD Yankalilla Community Children’s Centre


 Nature playgrounds are fraught with issues so we are very concerned about fitness-for-purpose.  I have considered some of the products below:

  • Small diameter branches and logs.- We do not consider that there is any occasion when small diameter bark-on, unseasoned branches or logs be specified, and absolutely not for in-ground application. 
  • Large diameter logs. These are generally only available unseasoned around Adelaide.
    • Unseasoned logs should only be used if the bark has been removed and the sapwood removed .
    • Seasoned logs should only be used if there is no detriment to the micro-environment from which they are taken.
  • Recycled poles are available and for many reasons is what we prefer to offer.
  • Use of stick balusters, bark on or off.-This is ungraded material and will have a high proportion of sapwood.This will rot and deteriorate. It relies on a single fixing at each rail, which may or may not engage with the small core of heartwood, which may or may not be durable or previously infested with borer.
  • Use of stepping logs.-These must be considered in the same class as poles.Even greater care must be taken regarding bark, sapwood, cracking, splitting, inclusions and heart shakes.We will only supply sound, seasoned heartwood for these items.
  • Cross-cut rounds as pavers. These need to be considered in the same class as stepping logs. A 50 mm thick section is totally inadequate and particularly so when installers use unseasoned bark- and sap-on rounds of no known Durability Class and white ant resistance.
  • If these are in direct ground contact or long-term water immersion over winter months, they will rot and disintegratSound lengths of suitable timber >300mm in ground might give a reasonable and safe service life.
  • We will only supply lengths of a minimum of 300mm for this application.


  • We supply by preference recycled power poles from the eastern States.
  • These are 40-year plus seasoned.
  • Sapwood has rotted off.
  • Cracks and checks are evident, but what you see is what you get.
  • It draws nothing new from the environment.
  • In fact, it keeps the timber as a carbon sink for a few more years instead of being burnt for firewood as it would have been.


  • We supply recycled power poles, wire brushed to remove splinters, metal ground off to the surface and with the characteristics of their former use.
  • Other materials may be sawn, dressed, new seasoned or unseasoned, recycled or recovered timber that is fit for purpose, for in-ground and above ground applications.
  • We will not substitute for the sake of cost if it is going to create a safety hazard for children and any other user.