Our history

Durable Hardwoods has developed relationships with reputable timber mills and wholesalers all over Australia. We have been importing from plantation and smallholder village based mills and selling to re-sellers since 1998 and have been air and kiln drying, machining and supplying Australian and PNG timber to the residential and commercial market since 2003.

Director Rod Taverner has a long history in Papua New Guinea, having worked for the PNG Government from 1985 to 1993. Through this history, he has forged relationships with local timber suppliers.

Road has travelled extensively through PNG and has a unique insight into the country’s culture and timber practices. He has developed a model where a sustainable timber industry is possible, ensuring every effort is made to source timbers in the most ecological way.

Durable Hardwoods manager, Justin Daws, has a broad skill history. He has worked in re-vegetation for National Parks and foreshore committees, building and construction, as well as livestock and pasture management. He is from an art/design, technical studies teaching and rural farming family. This history has given him a lateral approach, appreciation and respect not only for the natural product we supply, but also a deep understanding of the practices necessary to maintain a sustainable future for the timber industry.

We strongly believe in the ecological preservation of forests and maintain relationships with local PNG village saw millers. This provides the local community with the economic means to sustainably harvest timber, using minimally invasive and selective harvesting techniques.

Durable Hardwood’s goal has been to provide communities the ability to create jobs, as an enabler to enhance lives where there is often no social security, minimal healthcare and limited economic opportunities.

This in turn gives the local population the ability to manage and maintain their resources without the need to engage Multinationals who have a history of ecological neglect.