James Brown Memorial Trust

Luke Willis was working for Flightpath Architects when we specified and supplied solid PNG Village Harvested Kwila and Rosewood for external and internal joinery windows and doors.

Tony Siciliano from Constructwell

We worked with and supplied gl10 Native Cypress Australian made for the Pasadena Foodland project.

Morialta C.P playground

We supplied Recycled Poles and Kwila beams and board to climbing tree creations for the Morialta C.P playground this year.

Shiraz Carpet Gallery

Gray from Hawk Designs produced the joinery for the Shiraz Carpet Gallery using our Village harvested PNG Rosewood.

James Brown Memorial Trust

Pasadena Foodland

Morialta C.P.

Morialta C.P.

Morialta Nest

Shiraz Gallery