Our timber is used for the following applications

  • Posts, bearers, joists and beams
  • Cladding and internal linings
  • Decking and Screening
  • Flooring, thresholds, door and window frames
  • Fencing -rural, commercial and domestic
  • Joinery -professional and DIY
  • Beams- structural and exposed beams
  • Laminated timbers
  • Stair treads, stringer and handrails
  • Bridges, Wharves and Jetties
  • Furniture Making
  • Turning blanks and box-making
  • Bench-tops- hand crafted ,laminated solid timber
  • Building, Construction and more…

We also display Papua New Guineacarvings and artifacts. We can supply carved Rosewood posts that are a work of art and make ideal structural members that will enhance indoor and outdoor living areas.