Timber Delivery

Local and Country Deliveries and Collection

Local and Country Deliveries and Collection

We take pride in providing the best quality timber for your application, and appreciate the cost of this to you. The last thing we want is your timber damaged in transit, therefor we use the following couriers-

Cancellations later than 24hrs before agreed date, or failure to be on site at the agreed time may incur another full delivery charge.

Wormalds Transport – 6-8m flat beds up to 6000kg -Fork unloading facility required. Mathew Wormald 0412716346.

Dave Menesdorff – 4x4 ute to 600kg with racks. He can load up to 7.2m lengths up to 350kg on racks +250kg in tray, with trailer 1200kg 4.2m max. Fork or hand unload with your assistance on site. Excellent for high value product and difficult to access sites.0412438968

We use the above mentioned and other varied couriers for unusual country deliveries and Cameron’ s Transport for interstate deliveries.

Collect yourself or organise yourself ?

Retail customer orders must be delivered, unless it is small quantities- to fit in car, station wagon, van or ute. No trailers or roof racks will be loaded.

We reserve the right to refuse to load you or your courier, if we deem your vehicle to be unsafe- (not legally load or length rated ), or unfit to carry your timber without damage to your product or other road users.

* Please be aware that our dispatch driveway is very steep and the camber is short. If you choose to organise the freight yourself please advise them of this.