NG Rosewood


Merbau deck frame

Spotted gum


Rosewood Screen

Hardwood decking and screening species with proven durability to withstand dry Australian conditions with minimal cracking warping, cupping and splintering are-

 N.G rosewood, Kwila “merbau” (not finger jointed!),W.A. Jarrah 85x20 or 130x20 (best under cover) timber should be coated both sides, before laying, to acclimatize the material to our harsh climate.

Hardwoods that  have proven to have greater shrinkage, cupping, splintering, cracking are- Spotted gum, Blackbutt, Turpentine, Pacific jarrah, Northern box, W.A karri, Ironbark, Kapur, Native cypress.

This does not mean that a good result cannot be achieved with these species. it means that the timber (not less than standard or select grade) has to be installed by a tradesman who is proficient and has multiple past experiences with the given timber species. it has to be laid on appropriate substructure and fixing at the right time of year (preferably late Autumn).treated with the appropriate acclimatizing coating/oil. you have a better result if these species are shaded or under cover. boards wider than 90x19 should not be used unless undercover or the thickness is increaced to 32mm.

Timber sizes/ lengths- we price by quantity, not by the lineal metre.

W.A Jarrah decking/ screening readily avalable 85x20 and 130x20 in random lengths.

N.G rosewood in 68x19, 90x19 and 118x19 in set lengths 1.8m -3.9m. This is a premium product machined in lonsdale, it is not mass produced.

Kwila  (merbau) 90x19 and 140x19 available stock is reeded- unreeded is available on request. Minimum orders apply for 68x19 screening. set lengths may be available up to 4.8 in 90x19 

Most other species and sizes are available on request.