Spotted Gum

PNG Rosewood

Bridgman Carpentry

F/J Merbau


Back-sawn Lining Boards

NG Rosewood

Cypress Macrocarpa

Durable Hardwoods offer the following profiled species for internal and external use-

f/j 126 cover x19mm merbau shiplap- 5.7m lengths.

Stringybark, blackbutt, spotted gumĀ in various profiles.

Spotted gum in 120 cover x18mm shiplap- random and set lengths, kiln dried to 12%moisture content for S.A (not 15-18% east coast standard.

Native white cypress- 125cx18mm eased edge shiplap. sawn face or planed face.

PNG rosewood in various profiles.

Western red cedar from Tillings or Cedar Sales profiles.

Mixed blonde Australian species for internal use.

Sawn faceĀ Australian species including Yellow Stringy-bark, Spotted gum, Blackbutt.