Available in solid and laminated timber



P.N.G village harvest Rosewood


Laminated Ash

Cypress GL10

Spotted gum F27

Select Spotted Gum

Mixed species

Laminated Cypress

Kwila ‘merbau’ f27, N.G rosewood f17 when graded. In solid seasoned or k/d timber- up to 290x45 DAR to 6.3m- in some sizes. 

Blackbutt and spotted gum in kiln dried F27 structural grade, k/d standard and better grade or select grade. Generally available in sections from 42x30 to 290x45 and up to 6.3m long in some sizes.

Unseasoned ironbark f17 structural timber (dries to f27)- up to 300x125 to 8.0m. suitable for in- ground use. installation should be between April and August to aclimatize the timber before summer.

Vic ash GL18 (internal use) and GL10 native cypress (some external uses). Australian made and tested engineered laminated timber- in sizes up to 460x130 to a maximum transportable length, available custom and curved straight or cambered.

Engineered f27 Merbau up to 290x65 to 6.3m Imported, interior , undercover use or painted for best result. (not suitable for in- ground use)

Unless timber is stamped with a structural rating from the mill, or the mill has supplied a ‘certificate of compliance’ for the order , or has been graded by a ‘certified timber grader’ with a written report, it is ungraded timber.  When using ungraded timber the onus falls on the installer/ purchaser, for any resulting litigation in the case of product failure and related injury and property damage.