New Clients

BEFORE call us for advice or a quote, please read below


STEP 1 – Select a timber species

Do some research into the timber you like . . Look at the properties of the timber. Keep in mind that the species with the least amount of shrinkage perform well in dry climates.  Talk to people who have used the species and if you can, visit sites where the species has been used to show performance over time. Email us a photo to give us an idea of your expectations and quality.

STEP 2 – Timber take-off and specification

For a realistic estimate of cost of your species of choice, please send us an accurate list of what sizes and lengths are required. Please inform us of the grade, durability, moisture content and structural ratings specified- from your engineering or architectural plans, or your builder. This will help us to source you the appropriate timber supply. Buyer BEWARE- Lack of ‘fit for purpose’ specification from YOU- invites unscrupulous behavior buy some timber suppliers and builders.

STEP 3 – Ask for a estimate of price and availability

Once we have some specifics and understand your expectations, we are happy to provide you with an estimated quote and lead time. If we deem the timber you have chosen is not fit for purpose, we will briefly advise you of some of the reasons and alternatives. Visit your potential suppliers to view the quality of their stock and products, and do some more research. Quality timber is expensive so it is worth the time to get it right. Installation is expensive too, so research your installer and visit their prior work.

STEP 4 – Purchase the timber

Due to the high cost of quality hardwood, it is not kept  in large quantities like pine products. It may be that the timber you have been quoted is not available for weeks or months. We recommend that you buy the timber when you find what you are looking for. (if it is not a readily available item). You can then ask for it to be stored it until you need it, or store it yourself. This will avoid delays in your project. 


PLEASE NOTE- We do not supply new retail clients  timber  decking, unless other solid hardwood components are required.