New Clients

BEFORE call us for advice or a quote, please read below

PLEASE NOTE- We do not supply new retail clients  timber  decking, unless other solid hardwood components are required, or if their only concern is price.

STEP 1 – Select a timber species


  • Quality hardwood timber is not a generic product that can be purchased like steel or other commercial building materials.
  • There are significant differences in quality between mills and merchants, quality varies within a particular grade of timber, and even differences in durability ratings within a species depending on where it is grown.

Do some research into properties of the timber you like . Find out if it will be fit for purpose. Or alternately you can trust the choice of your builder/carpenter/architect. Find some photos of projects that give us an idea of your expectations or quality.

Use the informative websites below, but keep in mind that species with the least amount of shrinkage perform well in dry climates. South Australia, inland Australia and highly air conditioned environments are especially harsh on most species. Appropriate acclimatising coatings and finishes are an integral part of the long term aesthetics and performance of your timber choice.

We offer a charged consultancy service if you have a significant project that you want to get right the first time.



STEP 2 – Timber take-off

Supply us with-

An accurate list of what sizes and lengths required. -Quality Hardwood prices increase the longer the length. so if you need 3 metre lengths, do not ask for 6 metre lengths.

The grade, durability, moisture content and structural ratings.

Your plans, or the use of each section of timber. e.g. joists or bearers or exposed beams. External or internal exposure.



STEP 3 – Ask us for a estimate of price and availability

Once we have some specifics and understand your expectations, we are happy to provide you with an estimated quote and lead time. 

If we deem the timber you have chosen is not fit for purpose, we will briefly advise you of some of the reasons and alternatives. If you do not believe the salesman, visit installations, talk to people who have used the species and do some more research. Quality timber is expensive so it is worth the time to get it right. Installation is expensive too, so research your installer and visit their prior work.

STEP 4 – Purchase the timber

If you have chosen a species that will not perform to your expectations, we will advise a better option. We are not interested in making sales quotas, and are only interested in happy customers.

When you have purchased the timber from us, you will be welcome to all of our relevant knowledge  and experience in supplying, handling, drying, laminating, machining ,profiling, coating and constructing with timber in Australia..

We give priority service to our clients, and in most cases, have backup stock on hand, just in case there is a miscalculation, or a mistake on site.

When you are comparing quotes-

  • Ensure that the merchant has quoted on paper or by email, your exact timber specification, in the lengths you require- as you supplied it to them, otherwise the merchant will supply what they have written. (if  you want 30@6.0m lengths and they have written 180lm, they only have to supply random lengths. Random lengths are cheaper, so that is how a lineal metre price is  less expensive than a quote from an accurate timber take-off. )
  • Ask to view the merchants’ representative stock and ask for photos or locations of projects that they have supplied the timber for in S.A. Visit the oldest project.
  • Remember to ask the merchant how long it will take to supply extra lengths or replacement timbers, that are mis-cut on site, or do not meet Australian standards.[/su_list]