Mill rosewood benchtop

JTS Carpentry

Rhys Hurcombe

PNG Rosewood External

Bench-tops for Kitchens, Vanities, Dining rooms …. suitable species for Doors and window frames, furniture, etc….  internal or external applications.

D.I.Y. or CUSTOM MADE- N.G. Rosewood as the most forgiving and stable timber for the hardwood beginner to the experienced. Buy the timber machined ready for you to D.I.Y. Or laminated here to order in many sizes and thicknesses.

 SOLID PNG ROSEWOOD 630x30 5.4m run of mill laminated bench-tops arriving 26-8-2018 photos are not oiled or coated.

SOLID MERBAU 620x40 and 920x40 4.2m run of mill laminated  bench-tops arriving 27-9-2018 photos will follow.